I'm confused re: dead batteries

Thu, 16 Jan 1997 16:45:14 -0500

Wait a minute . . . I thought that if my Ogo's backup battery was fresh,
then if the main batteries died, no data would be lost. Am I wrong on

Please advise . . . thanks!!!


p.s. did the .pcx file disappear from my posting? It's rumored that my
email administrator removed it from messages going out of our

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Please respond to steven@ellsom.demon.co.uk
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Subject: Thanks lots and travelling ogo

Iwould like to thank all the people out there who responded to the
question about Quicken I have a copy now and can see it's going to
be very useful, i might be able to use the ogo for what I bought it for.

OH here's some ideas I had for Will Johnston about using his ogo on the

1. get an sram 255k are vcheap, this should hold the files well enough,
they have a one year batt life.

2. I have heard that you can use email, etc through a pcmcia modem, if
you check the back messages you might find something, here I think is
the address for the archive

3. If the backup battery is good you can change the batts without a mem
wipe, get professional batt ie duracell, energiser. I tried
rechargeables but as soon as they went the ogo would not swicth on and I
had to do a hard reset. One big tip is to chage the batts when they are
still on the second block. These mabee obvious but I found them out the
hard way, having my mem wiped 4 times