Re: a question about Pocket Quicken

David Virga (
Thu, 16 Jan 97 09:39:18 mst


I bought my Ogo 100 in mid-December, quite a bit after the deadline.
Intuit still honored the promotion. I had to pay US$5.30 for
shipping/handling. I didn't have to send them anything, like a proof
of purchase, etc; I just had to call them. The brochure clearly
states that international shipping charges are higher. At least that
implies that this offer is good outside of the US....?

The phone numbers listed in the brochure are:
USA: 1-800-243-4650, Ext. 810 329
Int'l: 1-520-295-3220, Ext 810 329
I believe that this extension code identifies this Ogo offer, so be
sure to mention/ask for it.

Good Luck!

Dave Virga