Question on NET.INI

Christopher Paradies (
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 08:29:09 +0100

First, Thanks to Max, James and Marc for helping with Quicken. Following up
on that mistake, I found that I did not have to hard reset or copy a file
from SYS:/world. However, your suggestions and reminder that the code was
in ROM definitely helped.

By the way, does anyone know what system fs = a:/geoworks does in the
OG120's NET.INI file? Just curious.

This is how I got Quicken back from the dead:

My INI files are set up like Wayne Venables'. So I have a backup copy of
the GEOS.INI (mine is called GEOS.OLD).

My batch file automatically copies GEOS.NEW to GEOS.INI before GEOS is
launched. (I have access to DOS using the Omniswp and use a geos.bat file
to change the directory to b:/geosworks and to launch GEOS, and I could
have simply copied GEOS.NEW to GEOS.INI.)

Anyway, the GEOS.NEW can contain any setup that you want. You edit the file
with a text editor, and voila, your changes are updated following the next
reboot. (By the way, this is marvelous if you experiment, because if GEOS
doesn't launch properly, you just reboot (mine always boots into DOS first)
copy b:/geosworks/GEOS.OLD to b:/geoworks/GEOS.NEW and you get rid of
whatever changes that caused the problem (keep a backup of GEOS.NEW
somewhere, though).

So, to get Quicken back, I just copied GEOS.OLD to GEOS.NEW, and rebooted
(soft - no loss of data). A pointer to Pocket Quicken was placed in
b:/geoworks/world. I copied this to b:/geoworks/apps.

Then, I replaced the GEOS.NEW with a backup copy of GEOS.NEW (from the root
directory) and rebooted. This reset my system to the way that I like it.
Pocket Quicken didn't show up, but after copying the pointer from
b:/geoworks/apps to b:/geoworks, it works fine again.

I highly recommend tampering with the INI files, as long as you can follow
the sound advice of Wayne, et al.

Thanks again,

Christopher Paradies, Ph.D.
address: EPFL, LMPH, DMX-G 333
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland