Grafitti tips
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 11:43:29 -0500

I saw this in one of the newsgroups I I thought you all might find it
helpful. (Thanks Dave -- I saw the original posting a week or so ago and
wanted to post it to this group, but my news server only keeps stuff around
for a day -- bummer!!!)


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Subject: Re: Graffiti (not-so) Secrets
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 13:31:06 -0600
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The strokes listed below also work for the OmniGo as well.

As Tom alludes, some numeric strokes reliably produce letters when in alpha

mode, such as 3 for B, 6 for G, 7 for T. 8 for Y, if you start your 8 at
top-right and draw the top counter-clockwise, also works, but maybe not
quite as

I especially like the tip for Y below; think of the stroke as the greek
character for small psi.

The tip for L also helps me.

Thanks, Tom!

Dave Virga

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no@junk.mail (Tom Jansing) wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I thought I'd share some of the best Pilot Graffiti tips I'd heard or
> figured out. Some of these make a BIG difference in accuracy, and
> some are just plain easier.
> B: Skip the vertical(s), just draw a 3.
> D: Draw a clockwise circle, starting at the bottom. Basically a D
> without the corners. Overlap the ends for best results.
> E: Draw straight-line segments (2 "<"s stacked vertically).
> F: You can start at the bottom too, which I find more natural.
> G: Draw a 6.
> L: Draw a really long horizontal part. (This was my hardest letter to
> get right, until I figured this out).
> O: Draw it big, otherwise you get a dot (shift).
> P: Start at the bottom to save a stroke
> R: Ditto
> V: Draw a regular V from right-to-left, without the hook.
> X: Keep the pen down for the whole letter. Do a swooping loop like a
> backwards K.
> Y: Start at the upper left, make a clockwise loop, end at the upper
> right. Like an upside-down shortcut stroke.
> 5: Draw an S, without the corners.
> &: Draw a dot-Y (either style) instead of dot-8. Spanish!
> ;: (Colon and semicolon). Slow down and retrace the stroke carefully,
> without wandering.
> ?: Draw a 7. The "corner" really helps.
> That's all! Feel free to pass these along, and please mention any
> others you have!
> Tom Jansing
> tjbm at
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