Re: Assigning a Drive letter to an SRAM Card in Windows 95

Warren H. Minix (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 19:56:50 -0500

Depending on the PCSlot itself (and whether the manufacturer really
bothered to update drivers). You may have to add the following lines
to your config.sys file (or make one if you clean-boot into the GUI).

device=c:\windows\system\carddrv.exe /slot=X

where X specifies the TOTAL number of PCMCIA slots installed on the

Unfortunately this forces the use of DOS compatability mode dumping
the 32bit drivers. I however, have never been terribly concerned
about throughput and access times on SRAM or FLASH . :) It should
not affect any of the other device drivers. I have experienced some
compatability problems with some older display drivers. (Immediately
noticeable by the display going blank and the machine locking).

By the way to MS credit there is a pretty good (much better than
mine) explanation of this under the troubleshooting section of
on-line help.

> From: Mike Smith <>
> To: "'Ogo'" <>
> Subject: Assigning a Drive letter to an SRAM Card in Windows 95
> Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 15:38:47 -0800

> Can anybody tell me how to assign a drive letter to my SRAM card in Windows 95? Windows 95 recognizes the SRAM card and loads the drivers when I plug it into the PC card slot on my laptop, but I can'>
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanx
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