Re: OmniGo Serial Port

Steve Morton (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 09:54:54 +1100


Check out the page at This
page has an item on the HP Omnigo's serial pinout. Also this page has other
information on the onmigo.

I have made a cable up and it works really well. I use it to backup my
omnigo data to by PC (PS this works really well with omnicomm available on
the internet), also I use this cable (together with a null modem cable) to
hook up my modem to my omnigo and dial up my ISP to collect my e-mail.

The hardest thing about making the cable is finding the connector that goes
into the omnigo, these proved really difficult here in Australia.

Any questions, let me know.

Steve Morton

> From: David Virga <>
> To:
> Subject: OmniGo Serial Port
> Date: Friday, January 10, 1997 7:11 AM
> I want to build my own serial cable. I've seen numerous notes on
> topic, but there is still one area that is unclear to me.
> Is the OmniGo's serial port a full serial implementation? Is there
> advantage to making a cable that connects all nine serial signals?
> seems to me that, if it is a full implementation, a full serial
cable may
> improve modem/fax comms, with the right software...)
> Or, does the OmniGo do something different with some of the
> and will I fry something by using a full serial cable?
> Thanks!
> Dave Virga
> VirgaD@Den.DISA.Mil