a .GBD file that exists but not exists.

Giovanni Trione (eltri@interbusiness.it)
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 12:10:36 +0100

Hi all,
I am the guy with HotSync's problems ! :)
One months ago HP changed my Ogo with a new one (display's problem) so,
before, I had carefully backupped all my files to my PC.
When I received the new Ogo I copied back the files (resume Ogo).
All was OK except for a .gdb file (named Motorola with instructions for m=
cell phone) that still exists either on my Pc or on my Ogo (sure, I've
checked it) but it's no more =93seen=94 by the dbase applications.
I tried to delete/copy it from Pc/Ogo and viceversa, I also created on my
Ogo a n=EBw empty dbase, with the same name and fields, and tried to sync=
but it was renamed Motoroaa so did'nt worked.
Then I copied brutally, using Notepad, the content of Motorola.gdb into=20
Motoroaa.gdb but when I tried to open it I got an error msg.
The Master.mdb does contains no more any reference to Motorola.gdb.
Yes I can rewrite it because it's not so big but now it's a defy between =
and my Ogo !
I need some help, or where find it, from you: many thanks in advance.


Giovanni Trione
Cuorgne' - (Torino) - Italy