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Geoworks, Hewlett Packard & WyndMail Put Wireless Communication in Your Pocket

With WyndMAIL wireless communications services, from Wynd Communications, users of the HP OmniBook and the new OmniGo 100 now have the flexibilty to work whenever they want, from wherever they choose. Using WyndMAIL for Windows and WyndMAIL for GEOS, OmniBook and OmniGo users can send and receive Internet messages, fax memos, contracts or other important documents around the world -- from a bus, train, or park bench!

WyndMAIL is a wireless messaging and information service that brings anytime, anywhere communications to the entire Hewlett-Packard product family. By attaching a light, self-powered wireless modem to your HP device, you can communicate with Internet users, fax machines, alpha pagers and even telephones -- all without phone lines, network cards or power outlets. Busy mobile professionals can e-mail Paris while waiting at a stop light in Denver, manage employees in LA from a midtown Boston T train or fax a New York client from the Golden Gate Bridge.

'Pocket Communicator' puts mobile professionals in touch and in control

WyndMAIL allows mobile professionals to be in control even when their schedule is out of control. With any HP computing platform, mobile business people can provide top-notch customer service and responsiveness from remote and otherwise 'out of touch' locations. And by using WyndMAIL's Internet messaging, paging and fax capabilities, busy professionals can complete the communication 'loop' more efficiently by eliminating telephone use -- bypassing receptionists, getting fewer busy signals and minimizing voicemail 'tag.'

OmniGo/OmniBook companionship offers true 'plug & play' mobility

WyndMAIL wireless services bring together the HP product family like never before. Using the PCMCIA type II slots in the OmniBook series and OmniGo 100, WyndMAIL wirelessly enables these HP devices using just one wireless PCMCIA type II modem! Running WyndMAIL's Windows and GEOS software, HP customers can quickly pull the type II PC card from the OmniBook and insert it into the OmniGo 100 -- on the fly -- for a fully functional pocket communicator. No special connectors or re-configuration required. This kind of plug & play companionship between portable and handheld computing products is entirely unique in the personal computer industry.

For more information on about WyndMAIL and other mobile services from Wynd Communications, contact Wynd at 1-800-549-6000 or at

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