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Alan Nouray
MagicRAM, Inc.
Tel: (213)413-9999
Fax: (213)413-0828

MagicRAM, Inc. Brings Flash Disk Technology to OmniGo

Los Angeles, CA, February 1, 1996 - MagicRAM, Inc. announced today the newest addition to its Memory PC Card line of products, the world's first Flash Card specially designed to work with OmniGo 100.

MagicRAM Flash Cards are the ideal solution for storing data, backing-up,running programs and transferring files between OmniGo and PC. MagicRAM Flash Memory Cards provide the lowest cost per Megabyte for any solid state solution available today. MagicRAM Flash Cards feature fast read/write and very low power usage for longer OmniGo's battery life.

"Currently, the OmniGo 100 only supports SRAM Memory Cards." Said Alan Nouray, Vice President of Operations. "By writing an special driver, MagicRAM has enabled the use of Flash Cards with the OmniGo."

"The creation of this new product line frees OmniGo owners from the limitation of higher cost, lower Megabyte SRAM Cards." Said Michael Jay, Sales Manager. "Unlike SRAM Cards, MagicRAM Flash Cards do not require batteries to maintain their data. This means that critical data cannot be lost due to battery failure".

MagicRAM Flash Cards also feature a Write Protect Switch to prevent the accidental overwriting of valuable data. MagicRAM Flash Cards are available in capacities ranging from 2MB to 40MB and are warranted for the life of the product.

MagicRAM, Inc. is a pioneer in the development of PC Card technology. Established in 1990, MagicRAM is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since the inception of PCMCIA, MagicRAM has dedicated all of its resources to furthering this exciting technology. MagicRAM offers a complete line of PC Cards including 16-bit Audio Adapter, SCSI II Host Adapter, Ethernet Card, 28.8 & 14.4 Fax/Modem, ATA Flash, Flash Memory, SRAM Memory Card, Card reader/writer and Hard Drive.


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