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As a leading provider of system software for the consumer computing device (CCD) market, Geoworks is committed to building and supporting a community of successful developers around its GEOS operating system platform. Geoworks has developed a complete tool set and comprehensive training and support programs to ensure the ability of third party developers to take advantage of the application opportunities available with the growing mobile segment of the CCD market.


By working with leading consumer products companies including Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, and Toshiba, Geoworks is helping to establish the concept of affordable mobile computing.

Geoworks is focused on extending existing categories such as electronic rganizers and cellular phones, mobile devices which are highly portable and designed for individual use. Forecasts indicate that this mobile computing segment could grow to annual sales of over fifteen million units in 1998 (Link Resources, 1995). The market includes the following device categories:

These products are extensions of electronic organizers (calendar, address book, notepad) and often include specialized applications like financial calculators and optional communications utilities such as email, fax, on-line services, paging, and access to the Internet. An example is the GEOS-based HP OmniGo 100 professional organizer.

Smart Phones
An evolution of current cellular phones, smart phones include built-in data communications and data management features in addition to voice transmission. These capabilities include fax, email, paging, and access to the Internet.

Mobile PC Companions
Emphasizing the sharing of data with a desktop PC and corporate networks, these devices are similar in size and functionality to an organizer and accept both pen and keyboard input to broaden their utility. Mobile companions use standard protocols combined with wired and wireless access to corporate networks for seamless data connectivity.


With the growth of the handheld computing market, there are tremendous opportunities for third-party developers. The diversity of the market will be driven by low-cost, "consumable" applications such as electronically published information, interactive entertainment products, and communication software and services. Geoworks has identified opportunities for developers in the following categories:

email, fax, paging/messaging, and online services

personal (desktop) connectivity, public (Internet) connectivity, and corporate (LAN) connectivity

contact and time management, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and finance applications

arcade and strategy games, edutainment, interactive shopping, gaming, and sports

reference, travel maps and guides, news, sports, financial information, and educational materials


Successful development in a new and growing market takes more than just good technical support. A typical development cycle starts with a concept, progressing through design, development, testing, deployment, and distribution. Geoworks provides tools, information, and support to help developers succeed through the entire cycle.

Product Concept Validation

Before you start development, you can take advantage of Geoworks' wealth of knowledge and experience in the mobile market. Geoworks keeps an up-to-date information pool including white papers, market information, and industry news, and we can help you evaluate your product ideas.

Development Tools

Geoworks offers developers a choice of development tools, from a highly technical Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows you access to the full power of the operating system; to Geoworks Bindery which lets you quickly and easily build electronic books and content products. Developers can also take advantage of additional available utilities such as an installation program that lets end users easily add your software titles to their devices. For more information, see the information sheets on the Development Tools.


After you've decided on the tools that fit your project, the next step is to learn the best ways to take advantage of the operating system, the device, the tools, and developer services. Through professional training courses, Geoworks gives you the information you need to promote your progress. In hands-on lectures and lab exercises, you will learn how to get the most from the tools and the operating system. The Developer Training Programs information sheets provide in-depth descriptions of the courses.

Development Assistance

Geoworks offers two primary developer assistance programs designed to provide access to the information, tools, and materials necessary to keep development progressing smoothly. Developers requiring direct support from Geoworks will want to explore the Gold program, while many will find the self help provided through the Silver program better suited to their needs. See the information sheets on the Development Assistance Programs for complete information.

Design and Code Reviews

Because Geoworks has a deep understanding of the mobile market and the GEOS operating system, developers can benefit from having their program design and code reviewed by Geoworks developer service engineers. Through reviews, you can gain crucial input on how to properly write and optimize your application. For more information, see the information sheets on the Development Assistance Programs.

Marketing Assistance

Development of a great product is only one part of achieving success; for the product to sell, it must reach the end customer. Through valuable marketing assistance programs and a solid understanding of the markets, Geoworks enables developers to learn more about target consumers and how best to reach them. For more information, see the information sheets on the Development Assistance Programs.


The final stage of a product's development is distribution to the consumer. Through online forums and other mechanisms, Geoworks can offer developers assistance in getting their products into the hands of consumers. For more information, see the information sheets on the Development Assistance Programs.


For more information about Geoworks' products, development for the mobile device market, or any of the tools and assistance programs described above, see the additional informational material available from Geoworks. This material can be obtained through the Geoworks WWW site at or through the Geoworks fax-on-demand system at 510-814-4266 by selecting document # 1001. You can also call Geoworks Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, at 510-814-1660.


The GEOS SDK is the premier programming tool kit for creating successful applications for GEOS-based devices, including the HP OmniGo 100. The GEOS Software Development Kit contains everything a developer needs to create GEOS applications, libraries, and device drivers. Available on CD-ROM, the kit includes the following:


GOC - GEOS C Compiler
GOC preprocesses GEOS C source code for compilation by the Borland C compiler (Borland C++ 3.1 or later).

UIC and Esp - GEOS Assembly Tools
UIC compiles GEOS User Interface code, and Esp assembles GEOS object assembly files.

Glue - GEOS Linker
Glue produces GEOS executables from object files compiled by the Borland C compiler or assembled by the Esp assembler.

Swat - GEOS Debugger
Swat is a powerful, extensible source-level debugger. Swat provides complete and powerful debugging control.

Help Editor
The Help Editor allows you to create hyperlinked, context-sensitive help files for your application.

Icon Editor
The Icon Editor allows you to import, create, and edit icon artwork; it produces source code for Esp and GOC.

Ship Utilities
The Shipper program packages your executables, help, and support files into a single shippable package for easy installation. The Installer allows the end user to unpack that package onto their target GEOS device.

Localization Tools
Resource Editor allows non-programmers to translate text strings and graphics to create new, localized executables.

Communications Utilities
Several utilities make communication and debugging simple over the serial line by connecting the development and test machines.

Build Utilities
Make utilities allow one-command build, dependency control, and protocol management.


Full documentation on GEOS, the SDK tools, and programming GEOS is included on the SDK CD-ROM in multiple formats. The Adobe(TM) Acrobat Reader is included at no charge on the CD-ROM, and all documentation is provided in the Reader format. The ten-volume set includes


Header and Source Files
Header files for all available GEOS objects and libraries are provided on the CD-ROM. Sample source code for applications and drivers illustrates both simple and in-depth GEOS concepts and constructs, and may be used directly in your own code.
GEOS Platform Runtimes
Both shipping and "debug" versions of current GEOS platforms are included with the SDK. These emulations run on a desktop PC to make development easier and faster.


The SDK requires two PCs connected via a serial cable. Development occurs on the "host" PC, while debugging occurs on the "target," which emulates the target GEOS device.

Minimal Host Configuration

Minimal Target Configuration


The GEOS SDK costs $99 per license. For more information or to order the SDK, call Geoworks at 1-800-GEOS-SDK (outside the U.S. and Canada, please fax Developer Relations at 510-814-4250). You can also get the latest developer information by visiting the Geoworks Web site at or by calling our 24-hour fax-on-demand system at 510-814-4266.


Geoworks provides developers with the information and opportunities you need throughout the development cycle to turn your ideas into successful products. Application development is not merely a matter of purchasing a tool and writing code. You need information, training and documentation, assistance when you hit roadblocks, and access to the target market.

Through the Silver and Gold Assistance Programs, Geoworks gives you the critical information you need to get from your starting point to a final product. The Silver program is designed for self-sufficient developers who go at their own pace and don't need a lot of direct support. The Gold program offers more direct support for developers who need it due to timeliness or complexity of their project.


The Silver Assistance Program is free to all developers who purchase the SDK or Geoworks Bindery. The Silver program is best for developers who require little assistance or who are just exploring GEOS development. Those developers who want or need more aid should explore the Gold Assistance Program.

The benefits of the Silver program include the following:

Peer Support and Forum Access
With the Silver program, you gain access to the GEOS developer forums appropriate to the tool you're using. In these online forums, you can interact with other developers to share tips, ask and answer questions, and share code and solutions.

Full documentation necessary to create your product is provided with each program. The documentation for the GEOS operating system is included on the SDK CD-ROM, and all the documentation you need to create electronic books is included in the Bindery package. In addition, through the developer forum you can access a wealth of additional documents that can help you develop your product and reach your target customers.

Additional Utilities and Tools
Through the developer forum, subscribers to the Silver program can obtain additional utilities to help in developing and deploying products. A program to create installable packages, for example, is available through the developer forum free of charge to Assistance Program members.


The Gold Assistance Program costs just $500 annually per developer and includes significant benefits beyond those provided through the Silver program. The Gold program provides more direct and timely support from Geoworks as well as access to more in-depth information and services.

Benefits of the Gold program include the following:

All Silver Program Benefits
Members of the Gold program receive all the benefits enjoyed by Silver program members.

Direct Responses to Questions
Gold program members may post questions directly to developer service engineers at Geoworks and will receive an initial response, typically within 48 hours.

Periodical News Updates
Through a developer newsletter and periodic mailings, Gold developers will be able to keep up to date with GEOS developments, partner announcements, and other news of the handheld computing market.

Discounts on Publications, Products and Services
Gold members are eligible for significant discounts on development hardware, training courses, and special services such as code reviews. Gold developers are also be eligible for disounts on admission to Geoworks-sponsored events and shows.

Tool Updates
Gold program members receive tool updates. SDK users will receive SDK updates when they are published, and Bindery users will receive Bindery updates as available.

The Right Program

Choose the program that is right for your development needs.

To join one of the programs or to get further information, please call 1-800-GEOS-SDK (outside the U.S. and Canada, please fax 510-814-4250), Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. You can also read the latest developer information by visiting the Geoworks WWW site at or by calling our twenty-four hour fax-on-demand system at 510-814-4266 and requesting document #1001.


Geoworks offers two comprehensive, hands-on training classes designed to help developers understand the concepts of programming for GEOS and using the GEOS SDK. Each course includes both lecture and lab work, and individual attention is given to each student to ensure effective learning.

The training classes offer valuable introduction to and practical experience in GEOS concepts, programming, and the SDK. If your development plans require immediate productivity, you can use a GEOS training class to help get you up to speed much faster than just diving into the documentation on your own. Past students have found that attending one of our classes significantly reduces their GEOS learning curve and increases their efficiency.

While recent experience developing C applications is necessary, you'll need only a familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts and GEOS products. We'll teach you the rest. Geoworks provides the entire training setup, including breakfast, lunch, the classroom location, materials, and the machines for the class. Transportation, lodging, dinner, and other incidentals are the responsibility of the attendee. The GEOS training classes take place in our offices in Alameda, California; Geoworks can arrange for on-site training if you need to train several engineers at once.

Since Geoworks is strictly limiting the attendance of any session, you are encouraged to register as quickly as possible to guarantee your space. For future training dates, please call the Geoworks developer products order number, 1-800-GEOS-SDK or fax 1-510-814-4250.

GEOS Programming I

This five-day course introduces you to GEOS programming and use of the GEOS SDK. You will also learn how to leverage specific features of the HP OmniGo 100. This course is designed for programmers and technical managers who wish to gain more practical knowledge and experience about GEOS development.

You will learn how to

GEOS Programming II

This five-day course covers advanced topics in GEOS and continues the educational process started in GEOS Programming I. It extends the student's GEOS programming abilities by teaching techniques to optimize application design and performance. This is especially important for applications which will run on Consumer Computing Devices which have limited resources.

Topics Covered:


Each training class includes one SDK for each student as well as all class materials.

A $500 deposit is sufficient to reserve your space for a given class. The balance due must be paid in full no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of class. Cancellation prior to this fourteen-day period entitles you to a full refund. No refund will be issued for cancellation after this date unless a substitute attendee can be found.

On-Site Training

Although Developer Training courses are regularly offered at our facilities, some companies may prefer the option of on-site training. This option is often more cost-effective when training five or more people from your organization. In addition to the convenience of keeping your people on-site, this type of training class may also be tailored to address your specific and confidential needs. We are please to offer this service to the developer community.

The cost of on-site training is a combination of fixed and variable costs. There is a base price of $8995, plus an additional $300 per student for the course materials. The instructor's travel expenses (transportation, lodging, meals) will also be added to the price of training.

Contact Clayton Jung (Manager, Developer Services) at 510-814-1660 for further information regarding on-site training or to make arrangements for a class.

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Developer Products Order Form

Please print or type all information clearly.
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(1) Shipping charges are $4.95 for each SDK CD ordered
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  us for air, express, and international rates.

(2) California residents add 8.25% of the sum of the
  Subtotal and Shipping. Washington state residents
  add 8.20% of the Subtotal.

PAYMENT METHOD (All payments must be in US Dollars)

___  Check or Money Order made payable to GEOWORKS

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CompuServe ID


* A $500 deposit is sufficient to reserve your space for a 
given class. Balance due must be paid in full no later than 
fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of class.

Names of Students Attending:

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________

To order, call 1-800-GEOS-SDK or print this order form and 
mail or fax it to Geoworks, SDK Orders.

Postal address:

Geoworks, SDK Orders
960 Atlantic Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501

FAX: 1-510-814-4250


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