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Expand the storage capacity and backup your data with ACEcards from ACE Technologies. ACEcards are not much bigger than a credit card and are entirely solid state. Their flexibility makes them an excellent overall choice for your OmniGo. Whether you need more storage space, a place to keep backups of your valuable data, or simply more memory for additional applications, ACEcards are an excellent choice.

Built with the latest in SRAM technology, ACEcards have the highest performance of any storage device. ACEcards are available in convenient 512k, 1MB, and 2MB capacities. There is a size that meets your budget.

ACEcards can either be kept in your OmniGo, fitting completely within its slot, or carried in their included case. An internal lithium battery backs up your data for an entire year. All ACEcards come with our 5-year warranty. Technical Support is simply a toll free phone call away.

Order Direct:

Call ACE Technologies
USA: 1-800-825-9977
Intl: 1-408-734-0100
Fax: 1-408-734-3344
592 Weddell Drive, Suite 6
Sunnyvale, CA 94089


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