Zoomer PDA Technical Information

AMT StarCard

Source: AMT StarCard manual

Note: these specifications are for the model 2494fx modem

PCMCIA release 2.0, Type II, JEIDA 4.1, V.22bis

Power requirements
45mA operating modes, 10mA standby mode, 5mA sleep mode, 5 second standby to sleep inactivity time

Operating modes
Asynchronous full duplex automatic and manual call originate, automatic and manual answer

Dialing capbility
tone and rotary pulse

Stored configurations
one factory preset, two user-definable presets

V.54 compliant

Command buffer
40 characters

Phone number storage
4 numbers

Tones detected
Dial, busy, ringback, and modem answer for all North American and most European telephone networks. Blind dialing based on time-out periods is available for networks with incompatible tones.


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