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GEOS 2.0 Fax-On-Demand Index

Note: I've taken the liberty of turning the Geoworks fax-on-demand index for Ensemble 2.0 into a hypertext document. It may not be completely up to date. If you notice that it's out of date, please let me know at brian@grot.com.


Here is the original document header information from Geoworks:

GEOS Support Document

c1994 GeoWorks

PLEASE NOTE: Information in this document is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. If you find errors or have comments or suggestions for improvement, please let us know by faxing (510) 814-4260. Please use this material with care; Geoworks shall not be responsible for damages resulting from the furnishing of the information in this document. This document will apply to Ensemble version 2.0. If you are using any other Geoworks product, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Ensemble 2.0. For upgrade information, call 800-824-4558 (USA) or 800-465-7999 (Canada). DOC NO: 002 Fax-on-Demand: 510-814-4266 DESCRIPTION: This is the Ensemble 2.0 list of fax-on-demand documents. For a list of documents that apply to other Geoworks products, request document 001. New documents are continually being added to our Fax-on-Demand system. Request this document periodically for an up-to-date list.




Error messages, Damage, and other Problems

Fax support

General product information

Hardware (See also Printers and Printing)



Printers and Printing

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Speed and performance



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