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The Zoomer PDA WWW Information Service was established in January, 1994. It was originally hosted on Enterprise Integration Technologies' WWW site. In May, 1995, it was moved to Best Internet Communications server, using the grot.com domain name.

The site contains an ever-growing accumulation of information about Zoomers, for Zoomer users and developers, propective users and developers, and anyone else with an interest in PDA's, mobile computing, and/or pen computing.

With the introduction of the HP OmniGo 100, the site has been expanded to include non-Zoomer (but still GEOS-based) PDA information. In the future, the site will be restructured to accomodate information about GEOS-based PDAs in general.

Most of the content comes from subscribers of the zoomer-list mailing list. The maintainer of this site (and the mailing list) serves to organize and present the information in a persistent and accessible form.


You can view recent WWW access statistics for this site. It's a fairly long report, so be prepared...


This WWW site is provided as a community service. The site maintainer is not an employee or agent of any vendor of PDA products.

While every attempt is made to maintain the accuracy of the information provided on this site, it is possible that some information is incorrect or out of date. The site maintainer is not responsible for any results of inaccuracies.

Certain company and product names and logos presented in this site are trademarked. Please note that all such items are the trademarks of their respective owners.

If any holders of trademarks have a problem with the use of their marks on this site, please contact the site maintainer for prompt and courteous removal.


All contents of this site are protected by copyright and all rights are reserved. Contact the site maintainer for permission to use any of those contents.

If you have reason to believe that any of the contents of this site are in violation of another's copyright, please contact the site maintainer for prompt resolution.


Please send any comments or questions about this site to the address listed at the bottom of this document.


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