Where can a guy find a decent Ultralite?

Michael Stutz (stutz@dsl.org)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 01:13:28 -0400 (EDT)

Hello all--

I just discovered this list tonight, and from a look around in the archives
it seems that I'm not alone with my battery problems.

I love my little UltraLite PC-1701 that I got from Jem Computers in '92.
After 3 years of heavy use as a portable writing machine, I'd stored it away
in the attic; now I have a use for it again, but my battery no longer
charges. I think there may even be a problem with the serial port because
during a quick test of the machine I couldn't get it to talk to another box
via LapLink and the serial port, but I'll deal with that after I settle this
battery issue. Are working batteries impossible to come by now, or what?

I occassionaly get discarded 8086- and 286-based laptops from a consultant
friend of mine, but none of these machines even remotely compare to the
UltraLight -- and I keep none of them. I suppose this is preaching to the
choir, but its light weight, nice keyboard (those IBM ThinkPads, for
instance, are _impossible_ to type quickly & comfortably on), and built-in
modem made this thing a great companion for on the road. Frankly, I miss it,
and I'd buy another one if I could find one. If I can't fix mine or find
another one, I guess I'll have to settle for something else -- requirements
being cheap price, 2400bps+ modem, light weight and decent keyboard. Anyone
know any hardware that matches this description?


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