Re: UltraLite usage

Gregory Urban (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 11:57:41 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy Mark,

>I did build a D-cell battery pack and it will run the machine a long
>time. I just wasn't using it enough to warrant lugging it around all the

Something of interest can be found at

They produce an external battery pack that is very compact and is alleged to
work with _any_ laptop and is supposed to provide 7 hrs continuous use. Of
course at $150 it is worth more than an UltraLite <g>.

One reason I did not go the external D-cell route is because of airport
security checks. It seems that I usually fit some bogus terrorist profile
and always get stopped and searched while boarding. I can just imagine
having to explain a big ten D-cell pack in my carry-on luggage <g>!

>There are some other full-DOS subnotebooks out there that will run a long
>time on 4 AA's--just never got my hands on one! That, and there is this
>group with support for the UL.

Are you talking about HP200LX type machines? The UL has a much nicer
keyboard and a backlit screen <g>. A friend recently picked up one of those
Windows CE abominations. Such eldritch machinations were involved in
getting the built in dialup networking online...the horror, the horror....

Happy Trails,