Re: Network cards

Gregory Urban (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 22:42:03 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy Jeff,

>Hey, you're still around :)

Yep, still kickin' <g>...

>Ahh, the ever elusive parallal adapter. I'm *still* looking for one or
>it's floppy controller equivilant. I don't suppose anyone's got one for
>sale? Meanwhile I'll look into the Xircom lead.

This reply is _not_ going to the list, just to you. I've not used my UL in
months, the NiMH battery started to fail on me, not keeping a decent charge
so I put the machine into my "strategic reserve" and picked up a Toshiba
T1200XE 286 laptop.

I _do_ have both the floppy drive/parallel adaptor and a plain parallel
adaptor. I don't want to part with the floppy drive as I may actually use
the machine again someday and may need to use the floppy to restore the
backups I made of the silicon HDD and RAM cards. However I could possibly
be induced into parting with the parallel adaptor. Make me an offer I
cannot refuse <g>.

Also, did you buy my Micro$oft Works ROM card? I cannot remember to whom I
sold it and I need to get in touch with that person <sheepish g>...

Happy Trails,