Re: 1702 DC In port Repair needed

Eric J. Plosky (plosky@MIT.EDU)
Sun, 11 May 1997 15:19:57 -0400

Indeed, I did get NEC to take a look at my Ultralite for free, but that was
something entirely different. I have the original Ultralite, and I still
had the original battery with it. I found out that the original battery
had been recalled, so I got them to give me a replacement battery for free.
(As I never was able to coax more than 40 minutes' battery life out of the
new unit, though, the Ultralite now does duty as a low-volume dial-in
terminal; it's plugged into the wall and uses its modem to dial in to the
campus network.)

Sorry I can't be of more help!

- Eric

At 1:16 PM 5/11/97, Daniel JB Clark wrote:
>I'd contact Eric J. Plosky <plosky@MIT.EDU>; I don't know if he still
>subscribes to the list, but a while ago I corresponded with him and he
>said that he had got some NEC service center to give his ultralite an
>overhaul for free.
>If worse comes to worse, you could probably sell your ultralite for parts
>on the list and get a new (used) one for arround $150-$200. I personnely
>have one I would sell (it is currently being used as a cute vt100 terminal
>since my power supply died (NEC charges something insane like $200 for a
>new one; this could be cheap considering they charge $150 for a 9-pin
>mini-din to modem cable :-); I built a new one, but it doesn't charge the
>On Sun, 11 May 1997, dave wrote:
>> I own a Ultralite 1702. I need to have it repaired, and was wondering where
>> to send it ? - any inputr would be appreciated.
>> On the back panel, the DC In DIN port's plastic ring came out when I
>> removed the power cord - and the power leads were exposed.
>> I tried to get it back in...put in the process I messed out some of the
>> leads and one of them snapped off ....needless to say the I can't use the
>> power adapter and I have lost the plastic ring.
>> I can not repair the unit myself for I do not have the hardware nor tools.
>> I really love this machine and would like to keep using it ....any help
>> would be appreciated. I am willing to pay for reasonable repair costs.
>> Thank you,
>> dave turner
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