Re: 1702 DC In port Repair needed

Daniel JB Clark (
Sun, 11 May 1997 13:16:47 -0400 (EDT)

I'd contact Eric J. Plosky <plosky@MIT.EDU>; I don't know if he still
subscribes to the list, but a while ago I corresponded with him and he
said that he had got some NEC service center to give his ultralite an
overhaul for free.

If worse comes to worse, you could probably sell your ultralite for parts
on the list and get a new (used) one for arround $150-$200. I personnely
have one I would sell (it is currently being used as a cute vt100 terminal
since my power supply died (NEC charges something insane like $200 for a
new one; this could be cheap considering they charge $150 for a 9-pin
mini-din to modem cable :-); I built a new one, but it doesn't charge the

On Sun, 11 May 1997, dave wrote:

> I own a Ultralite 1702. I need to have it repaired, and was wondering where
> to send it ? - any inputr would be appreciated.
> On the back panel, the DC In DIN port's plastic ring came out when I
> removed the power cord - and the power leads were exposed.
> I tried to get it back in...put in the process I messed out some of the
> leads and one of them snapped off ....needless to say the I can't use the
> power adapter and I have lost the plastic ring.
> I can not repair the unit myself for I do not have the hardware nor tools.
> I really love this machine and would like to keep using it ....any help
> would be appreciated. I am willing to pay for reasonable repair costs.
> Thank you,
> dave turner
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