Keyboard problem

John F. Wilson 5309 (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 18:39:33 GMT

I was very interested recently to find your NEC ultalite mailing list from an internet search as I acquired one of these machines a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I did not realise at the time that NEC did not import many of these machines into the UK and that I would have big problems getting spares.

My machine is a Ultralite 3, code PC-47-01 manufactured April 1992. It is a 20 MHz 386 with a 60 MB hard disc. The problem is that the F5 key has a habit of sticking on. This generates a keyboard failure at turn on and is very inconvenient when in use. I have had the top off and cleaned the keys and keyboard membrane but it seems to be a problem within the keyboard membrane itself.

It is a nice machine and I am reluctant to junk it. I have tried contacting NEC UK who are not interested and I was desperately searching for NEC parts suppliers on the web when I came across the list. I wonder if anybody has had the same problem or knows how to get spare parts in the USA - eg contact phone nos for NEC parts dept.

Thanks in advance for your help

John F Wilson,
Simoco Telecommunications
Cambridge UK