Bad replacement battery

Gregory Urban (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 05:09:12 -0400

Greetings fellow UL users:

Monday I recieved my replacement NiMH battery from NEC. I had it on
the charger for at least 24 hrs. but the charge light would not go off.
Well, I had to test it anyway and sure enough, as soon as I would turn the
machine on I would get the "battery fail" message. I pressed "F1" anyway to
boot up the machine and it ran for about 10 minutes before going haywire.

So I'm going to have to call NEC again during normal hours and inform
them that they replaced my defective battery with another defective battery!
Good thing that I didn't send back the first one yet, now I can use the same
box for two batteries.

Anyone else have an experience like this?

Best Regards,

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