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Gregory Urban (
Sun, 01 Sep 1996 01:37:43 -0400

Greetings folks,

After digging through the list archives I turned up the phone numbers
for the Ultralite battery recall. I tried 800-237-2913 and got a recording
directing me to 212-290-5400. This second number was for "Pinpoint
Marketing" and according to them they are no longer involved with NEC
battery replacements.

However I was again redirected to NEC at 800-820-1230. This is some
sort of customer service number. The nice lady I spoke with indicated that
I was the second person to call about Ultralite batteries this week but that
she knew nothing about a recall/replacement program but that she would check
into it. She took my address, phone number and e-mail address and said that
she would CC the e-mail to whomever it was that she was going to contact.
This was Friday morning and so far I've seen nothing pop up in my mailbox.

I noted afterwards that there was another number for a Vicky Rickards
at NEC. Has anyone had any luck talking to this Rickards person? Should I
just give up and build a "D" cell NiCd pack <seriously>?

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