Info on UltraLite 286-V needed!

Michael Crestohl (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 07:09:23 -0400 (EDT)

Anyone got one of these? I picked one up at a flea market and it seems
to be all there - 4MB RAM, modem, etc. I jury-rigged a power supply
and use UltraLite RAM cards to go in and out. I can't seem to make the
unit recognize the modem - believe it is COM2. I think there may be a
way of turning the internal modem on and off with a few keystrokes.

Anyone know about this? I'd like to see if the modem works. BTW, I
already compared them and I'm still using my UltraLite PC-17-02. The
286-V can't handle the 14.4 modem - the UL works quite fine with it.
Anyone tried 28.8?


Michael Crestohl