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>The good battery goes about 55 minutes, very close to the AA Renewals.
>Your hour and a half sounds better than average.

If I use the modem then the charge is drained much faster. 1.5 hrs. I
thought was quite a long time for a notebook.

>I have heard that there is a certain kind of IBM mouse extension cable
>that is the same as the serial port. Sounds to me like the poster was
>confused as all the ones I've ever seen are the ones similar to the Mac,

The PS/2 cable and Mac cables are the same, and all are quite unlike
that "RS232c" port on the NEc. Last night I ran across a Digikey catalog at
work and I could find no cables there that matched, though they do sell the
plugs. This of course requires a schematic of the pinouts to make a cable

Additionally, I have a Practical Peripherals 14.4kbps pocket modem.
The port on back of the modem is the same as on the UL. I tried plugging
the cable from the modem into the port on the UL and used a DB9 gender
changer to try connecting another modem to the port. Nothing. I also tried
connecting a mouse and still nothing. I'm wondering if either the modem or
the UL has a strange pin arrangement or if the port is dead. Guess I'll
find out when/if I can find a proper UL serial cable.

>BTW, Michael says that he has never seen the parallel adapter. Lot of the
>floppy drives with the parallel port, though.

Interesting, that...

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