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Subject: (fwd) Re: Lithium Ion Batteries...
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From: (George Goble)
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Subject: Re: Lithium Ion Batteries...
Date: 12 Oct 1995 01:12:20 GMT
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In article <45gofu$> (James M. Sampers) writes:
>In article <45f6n1$se8@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu>, dd314@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Glenn W. Bernasek) says:
>>EXACTLY! Lithium ion battery "smart packs" are called that because
>>they are designed with a highly sophisticated circuitry that, in
>>some cases (i.e., Dell Latitude XP) contain their own microprocessor.
>>These are not cheap chargers by any stretch of the imagination.
>>System protection against abuse mishaps (i.e., overcharging) has
>>been brought to a new level in Li ion batteries. Protective circuits are built into the battery or the
>>device itself.

About 8 or 10 years ago, there was a company called "Moli-cell" in
Vancouver, BC, Canada which made AA "rechargable" lithiums, the
first I know of.. I have 4 cells lost away someplace.. They sold
a parts kit for charger/voltage mtr.. As I recall, they could only
be operated in a limited range of charge (about 1/2 the "max" range),
as too much discharging or even slight over charging ruined them.
They were about 1.5X-2X the capacity of Nicads back then, proably
about 1AH.. They also needed an FAA permit to carry onboard aircraft
(lithium fire danger).. packs of 4 cells had to be broken down into
two packs of two to transport legally. Although they would not explode
in a fire, they would "burn vigorously" if ignited..

I heard the company had a fire and vanished.. My bet would be that
the modern Li ion evolved from these.. with most of the work being on
smart chargers and charge managment devices in the pack??

--ghg (R-12 drop-in substitute)