PC1701 upgrades

Dave, MRO1-3/C6, DTN 297-8251, 508 467-8251 18-Jul-1995 1334 (dbrown@milkwy.enet.dec.com)
Tue, 18 Jul 95 13:39:15 EDT


My $.02 on UL upgrade possibilities:

1.) 1701 -> 1702 by desoldering 8 chips from spare 1M board onto 2nd side of
another 1M board. I believe that this should be simple and worthwhile, but
my sister-in-law is happy with 1M and won't spare it for the upgrade. I'll
sell my spare 1M board for $15 + P&H.

2.) Download a good operating system onto 2 PROMs in 28 lead SOIC packages and
solder them in where DOS 3.? and Manager are now. These PROMs would go on
the little board under your Num Lock key (check the little door on the
bottom.) This would take a bit of doing, but it could yield a big
improvement at low parts cost (OTP EPROMs are <$7 ea in Digikey.) Make
sure disk compression software is built into these PROMS and I'll pay $
for it.

3.) Substitute a Floptical drive for the Std 1.44M floppy drive. The Floptical
can read/write std 1.44M floppies as well as 21M Flopticals. It's the same
size as the regular drive, but some fooling around would probably be
required to squeeze/tweak the interface. This is expensive, but could be
also used to back up a desktop, etc.

Modifying the UL to take off-the-shelf PCcards (PCMCIA) would be a pain, and
PCcards are big $ (Digikey wants $633.83 for 4M card.)

> A similar question applies to the PCMCIA-like slot on the machine's side.
> What products or DIY options exist that would make use of this port? Since I
> already have a modem and don't need a faster one, that option is out.

DAK was closing out their NEC UL accessories cheap, but their selection must be
very limited these days. I have an old catalog somewhere - but the good cards
sold out and nobody on this list ever seems to sell the good cards at any
price, so why bother? If they still have the 3.5" drive for $50, it's worth it.

Dave Brown dbrown@milkwy.enet.dec.com

Disclaimer: Upgrade at your own risk - the UL you smoke could be your own.