Wed, 24 May 95 01:11:43

> There is a wide, thin copper ribbon conductor that connects from the
> case to
> the screen. Mine has broken. Does anyone know of a quick fix, or
> where to get
> parts for an ancient machine like this? Anyone have a junker that
> they're
> cannibalizing from which they'd be willing to sell this part?

Email direct to (Mike), he says he has some 1701 and 1702 parts
machines, I think the ribbon cable is the same for both machines. As far as
cheap, and perhaps not so quick fix? Solder the broken wires in the ribbon.
I know this is not a job for the faint at heart, but I suppose I would try it
if it were my computer, but then I might try a lot of things most people
wouldn't, like hacking a mother board, which I have done at least once (with
some success).

Tell him Fran sent you.