list administrivia

Brian Smithson (
Sun, 21 May 1995 21:45:35 -0700

Due to some changes made by, if you try to unsubscribe, change
to or from digest mode, or do other listserv commands which require you to
be a current subscriber, listserv won't recognize you and you'll get an
error message.

It's not something I can really fix without breaking other things.

So, for the time being, go ahead and send the requests. I, too, will see
the error messages and will take care of them manually. You'll still get an
error message returned to you, but sometime later, you'll get a message
acknowledging that the request was completed successfully.

I'm actively setting up this list on a new server with different list
processing software. More on that when it's ready.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

-Brian Smithson