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Mon, 20 Feb 95 14:51:42

How's this for a theory? If one of the cells in the battery pack is shorted,
as happens often with Ni-cads, (and perhaps also with Nickle metal hydride),
then the output voltage from the battery will be low and might perhaps trigger
the "low battery" alarm, shutting down the unit. I don't know about Ni-metal
hydride, which is what the new battery is, but I have seen many Ni-cads develop
shorted cells. If you can, check the voltage at the contacts of a newly charged
battery, if you have considerably less than 12 volts, you got another bum
battery. It is only supposed to be 11.8 volts anyway, on the new battery. If
the battery is up to voltage, then it's in the computer (obviously), but if it
still works with the charger, the problem may be in the setting of the battery
low alarm in the computer. I don't know for sure, but it may be adjustable.

Fran Km1z