Re: Help needed w/ power switch

Wayne Itano (starnet!apple!!witano)
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 14:52:59 -0700

>I've got an Ultralite which works _fine_ when you use the power supply,
>but when using a battery, the new-new battery which supposedly corrects
>the short life of the initial replacement batteries, it doesn't want to
>stay on. If I push the switch on to the far left and let go, it springs
>back to the middle position, but turns off. When I use the same
>procedure with the power supply, it works just fine! I get no
>low-battery warning light, and the power remains on if I hold the switch
>to the left... strange stuff. Anyone have similar problems or could
>suggest something?
>Jeff Dubin
As I said in a previous message, I have a similar problem with one of
my 2 Ultralites. One of them will work only when plugged into the
charger. I have eliminated 2 possible sources of the problem.
First, I tried exchanging the main batteries. Then I exchanged the
Ni-Cd batteries. These are the long blue ones that are accessible
by removing one of the plastic panels from the bottom and taking
the case apart to unplug it. Neither of these 2 exchanges changed the
problem, so it must lie somewhere else.

A separate problem is that I have only one working charger, so I would
be willing to buy one. Someone on the list offered to sell one for
$20, but I haven't heard back from him.
Wayne M. Itano or