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Wed, 21 Dec 94 21:11:36

There have been problems with the battery in the Nec Ultralite.
At first as I understand, the original battery was good at holding
a charge with one "minor" problem, it had a tendency to explode!
Nec began the battery exchange program, they would exchange the
battery pack for a nickle metal hydride cell which did not have this
problem. However, if this battery is used in the Ul, as is, it would not
charge enough, giving the user a short battery life. It appears, IMHO, that
the newer type has a greater charging current requirement than the old one.
What I did was build my own charger, since I bought my UL used without
one anyhow, when I got the new battery I increased the charge current.
I now get about 45 mins to a charge, the original spec was 90 minutes.
For me, for the price I paid, 45 minutes is adequate.

There may be an FAQ on the ultralite, if you care to look.

>> Fran