New user - Battery problems (!)

Michael Friedman (starnet!apple!!mikef)
Fri, 21 Oct 94 08:25:24 EDT


I just discovered this mailing list, I hope this isn't
too bad a rehash of old news but:

Back in the spring I took advantage of NECs battery swapout
for my PC1702 (the second swap out). I also bought a new
battery from Jem during the summer. Both of these batterys
exhibit EXTREMELY short life - on the order of 20 minutes
to a half hour. My original battery was giving me over 2 hours
of life at the time I traded it in. Obviously I find this

I made repeated calls to NEC back during the summer and was
told over and over that they knew of no problem but would
call me back. I've never been called back. I was away
and/or busy for the latter part of the summer, but now
I would like to use my computer again - but can't.
I built my own 12 volt lighter adapter which attaches on
the bottom of the computer in place of the battery, and
that works well for mobile operation.

Has anyone else had this problem? How was it solved?
Who did you talk to at NEC to get any satisfaction?

For the record, I use the computer primarilly for communications.
I am a private pilot, and the FAA allows pilots to get the
aviation weather forcasts and file flight plans via computer
and modem. (For any other pilots out there, I have a small
program which I wrote myself for logging into DUAT and
getting and decoding the weather. The program also does
weight and balance computations. It takes very little
space in the SS-Disk. Email if you'd like a copy.)

Mike Friedman