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Fri, 14 Oct 94 21:00:04

Yes here is yet another post about the same question, I was just thinking
that you must make the distinction between "expansion" and "parallel" ports.
I think (and I am not sure by any means) that the ultralite expansion port
is more akin to a ISA slot on a desktop mother board than it is to a
printer parallel port. I suspect that even though you can make a cable to
plug into the port on the back of the machine, that you will not have
anything resembling a parallel port unless you include the circuitry
which adapts the bus to it. I do not have much info on the ultra, but I
think that the expansion connector is more like a bus slot than anything else.
In fact, it may actually be configured as a bus slot, in which case you are
in luck, then all you have to do is use a standard port adapter, such as you
would use in a desktop machine. Of, course, *I* still need more info on how
exactly the port is configured on the Ultralite.
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