Re: New Magazine

(no name) ((no email))
26-AUG-1994 21:50:42.18

Brian (and folks),
Thanks for sparing us future spam...
Meanwhile, I've just received US mail from NEC, including a
mailer to send back my won't-hold-a-charge batteries.
Anyone else get latest generation replacements yet?
I think I'll include a note saying, "since the battery
life on these has been about half what I was used to
with the old _dangerous_ batteries, please send me
two new batteries for each one I return to you. The
machine has been essentially useless as a 'laptop'
due to the limited battery life. Your handling of
this situation is determining how I (and my UL user
friends) respond to anyone asking me about possible
purchase of Versas and other new NEC products.
Thank you..."
Whaddya think?

PS Maybe someone on this list can help with a
friend's problem... she has a computer which is
not an ultralight but, like a UL, has an internal
modem with no power switch or indicator lights.
She keeps finding herself stuck online with a hung
process on the mainframe she's dialing, and the
hangup command in her modem software doesn't disconnect.
Or so she says. I'm going over tomorrow to look at the
thing. In the event that her telcom software (COMIT or
Lotus Works) has a way to set a "hangup" string, what
should it be other than a simple ath0?