Re: Accessories needed

Jeff Dubin ((no email))
Thu, 21 Jul 1994 23:03:45 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 21 Jul 1994, Jeff Dubin wrote:
> Well, now that I've got my UL to work, I'm going to need some
> accessories. Does anyone have a AC adaptor, serial cable, floppy drive,
> ROM cards, or silicon disks (2MB) they'd like to sell? I'd like to try

Yep, I'm replying to my own post...

I got a bunch of private answers from the request, but none of them
offered any of the accessories w/o the UL. It seems as though this
battery problem may be pushing people away from the UL. Maybe NEC's way
of getting rid of their responsibilities?

Anyway, if anyone has any accessories _with_out_ the actual UL for sale,
send me a note.

Sorry for re-posting about this...