New ultralite owner

Jeff Dubin ((no email))
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 00:05:18 -0400 (EDT)

Hi there...

I just picked up an Ultralite, and being unfamilliar with it's niceties,
started to drool when I found out exactly what this thing is capable of.
Of course, the person who I bought it from (who _should_ be receiving
this, since he claims he is on the list) didn't have a manual. Or a
power adaptor. He did include directions for building one.

After trying my lack of skills at building the power supply (the result
was a exploding capacitor), I've decided to try to get the original
supply, which NEC wants >$400 for. If anyone has any tips, please drop
me a line.

The only other problem, albeit a big one, is that I just can't seem to
get the thing to work. I've supplied it with 12v and 5v at the pins
specified (1 and 3 respectively), and the backlight will go on, but the
computer doesn't do a _thing_. I don't get any screen, and all keys are
dead (even caps-lock is dead).

Question 1) Is it DEAD???!?
2) Do I _need_ to supply it 15v for the battery if I'm not
interested in charging the battery just yet?
3) I've got it hooked up to the power supply of a PC, which does
12v and 5v just fine. Is this suitable for temp use? Note
that the Ultralite is the only thing running off it.
4) Has this happened to anyone?
5) Anyone have an extra manual?!

Thanks for all the help you can give me!

Jeff Dubin

PS - is there any way to get the digests w/o using listserv? FTP?