Battery timing tests

David Brahm (starnet!apple!fermi.PHYS.CMU.EDU!brahm)
Fri, 8 Jul 94 12:47:41 -0400


I have 3 of the new batteries (A,B,C). I've been timing how long they last
under "normal quiet conditions", i.e. the UltraLite is on full speed and bright
screen, but not running anything (except DOS-Manager). The result "60+2.0"
means that after 60 minutes the "low bat" light comes on, and after 2 more
minutes the screen goes blank. I intend to test them freshly charged, 2 hours
after being charged, 24 hours after being charged,... Here's the data so far:

Hrs since charge A B C
0 60+2.0 17+1.5 15+1.0
2 13+1.5 10+1.5

Hrs to recharge: 8 4 3 (approx.)

B and C are consistent with the complaints I've been hearing from this list,
but A shows that these batteries are capable of acceptable performance.

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