Re: battery problem

eh? ((no email))
Wed, 29 Jun 1994 14:38:10 -1000 (HST)

>From: (Harry Bartholomew)
> As to building ones own battery pack, I really doubt that NEC
> is stupid or cheap. I believe the problem is just too little
> space and too much power needed. The older batteries were a
> special item of higher power density but unfortunately of flawed
> reliability which is why NEC payed us $100 each to get them
> back and avoid possible consequent damages for product liability.

well- since I started the most recent thread on batteries, guess I
should put a few words in here. I now have THREE of the new NiMh battery
packs, one blown up (overcharged, think I blew the "charge supervisor"
circuit), one good but disassembled, and one mint. I could get no more than 18
minutes from any of them. It appears to me that the "charge supervisor" just
duzzn't supervise.

Since I've now built an AC supply with a 100ma charge output for
battery charging, I'm going to try cobbling a battery pack from 10 or so AA
NiCADs- I'll report back here on the results. The only real problem is space-
10 AA's take up more of it than the NEC battery packs, so I will either have
to modify the UL case, or have it sitting "up" on top of the new battery
structure... dunno.

Any ideas or comments will be welcome-


PS- I still don't have any authoritative info on the "stock" NEC AC
supply/charger "cube" (I don't have one to look at). If anyone can supply
output specs (voltage/current, all pins), it would be much appreciated.