Re: unsubscribing

Brian Smithson (
Thu, 26 May 1994 06:49:26 -0700

On May 26, 5:28am, starnet!apple!!ToddR6354 wrote:
> Subject: Re: Baattery Letter
> I have tried on several occassions to unsubcribe from this mailing list.
> Someone please give specifics on how to accomplish this...
>-- End of excerpt from starnet!apple!!ToddR6354

To unsubscribe, send mail to with
"unsubscribe ultralite-list" in the body of the message. If
for some reason that doesn't seem to work, send mail to and ask to be removed
from the list.

ToddR6354, I'll just go ahead and remove you from the list.

-Brian Smithson