Fritz Friedlaender ((no email))
Wed, 25 May 1994 02:34:15 -0500

Late last year I reported that the new battery lasted 1h 45 min, on one try
only, using Battery Watch set to the Ultralite specs. I have not repeated
the test. But I have noted that the batteries have a very short shelflife
(or is it a very short life, period?). I also have found that the charge
light on the "brick" turns on almost every time I use my unit. That was
not the case with the original batteries. I will run some more tests
within the next few weeks, time permitting. But something appears to be
rotten in the "Ultralite State". I intend to use my Ultralite(s) in
a "at home" mode mostly but would like to have the choice of portable use.
For travel, and battery life, I find the 12 oz. or so HP100LX more suitable.