Re: new NiMH batts ??!!

Harry Bartholomew (starnet!apple!!bart)
Tue, 24 May 1994 01:14:47 -0700 (PDT)

> Can anyone report any success in getting useful life from the new NEC NiMH
> battery packs for the UltraLite??
> I got one with a used UL I bought, and eventually disassembled it in
> frustration- It has 7 volts of cells, with circuitry to up the output to 12v,
> and also (I assume) to manage charging current &c. I recently purchased two of
> the battery packs for $19/ea from JEM, and have succeeded in getting it to
> charge at about 150ma, using a current-limited 25v supply, but the charging is
> cut off (I assume by the circuit inside the battery) in only a short while,
> and the longest I've been able to run the laptop from battery is about 20
> minutes.
> I don't have an NEC factory AC power-supply/charger, so I don't really know
> what the circuits are expecting...
> So- please, if anyone knows how to charge these things, or has a factory power
> supply that seems to be successfully charging them, please post a reply here?
> joel
> Keck Observatory
> Mauna Kea, Hawaii

The battery I got from NEC in their recall program was junk. It
would hardly take a charge from the factory charger. I sent it
back and the replacement has performed little better.
I thought perhaps the problem was with MY charger, but the above
seems to indicate otherwise.

Is there a class-action suit here? I find my once-portable
computer, much less so than before!