Re: batteries for cheap

Fritz Friedlaender ((no email))
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 12:06:49 -0500

Since getting the new NEC batteries, I have noticed that the red charge light
comes on almost every time I use the NEC Ultralite. I have only used it on
batteries once - I reported the results here.

I am now looking for another Ultralight with disk and power supply for my
son - with the inexpensive ROM wordprocessor I just purchased from DAK,
that's about right for a humanities freshman! Any offers?? (reasonable
Has anyone experienced any difficulties with the built-in Ni-CAD battery,
and knows how to replace it reasonably? It can't last forever!

Incidentally, I found another use for the 9-pin mini-DIN plug I kept
after supplying them to the group at about $2.00. Practical Peripherals
uses the same plug on their pocket modem, and, to have a reasonable
connection to an HP100LX (weighing less than modem and computer),
requires construction of your own cable!