Ultralite ROM card supply and demand

Dave, MRO1-3/C6, DTN 297-8251, 508 467-8251 07-Apr-1994 1303 ((no email))
Thu, 7 Apr 94 10:02:26 PDT

Here's last week's info on DAK clearance items:

Order No. Description $Orig $Now Avail
5822 Lotus 1-2-3 199. 19.90 yes
5828 WordStar 5.5 299. 14.90 yes
5823 Lotus Agenda 129. 39.90 yes (Save 1 for me, I think...)
5824 Lotus Metro/Exp 129. 39.90 yes
5827 XyWrite III+ 299. 39.90 yes
5825 WordPerfect5.0 399. {39.90} NO See below
5826 MicroSoft Wrks 99. {29.90} NO
5817 3.5" Flppy Drv 199. 129. yes
5818 Carry Case 49.90 ? Back ordered: expected 5/7/94

The original price listed is DAK's original price, already discounted from NEC's
list. Since I didn't ask about quantities, there could be minimal available.
DAKs phone number is 800 325-0800. Disclaimer: Although I think the above info
matches DAK's inputs, I assume no responsibility for its accuracy.

Since DAK sold out of WordPerfect 5.0 last winter, their old clearance price
will no longer have any effect on current ROM card prices. I would expect one to
be worth more today than DAK sold it for last summer, but less than their
original $399. If it tracks the Microsoft Works card, it may be worth more than
twice DAK's clearance price, because there's a demand but no supply. My
apologies for previously incorrectly indicating its availability.