UL 2MB for sale, accesories (REVISED w/ sub-item pricing)

michael brian scher ((no email))
Tue, 5 Apr 1994 13:04:35 -0500 (CDT)

New package price $350, breakdown pricing below:

REVISED AD with some pricing on breakdowns of parts. I have received 2
enquiries about parts of the system, but have received no replies to my
responses. If they have not reached you, and you did send me something,
then I tried, but interspace ate 'em. :-) Please re-inquire via this
mail list if necessary.

FORSALE: (All prices are SHIPPING included, UPS, insured)

NEC Ultralight PC-17-02 FOR SALE
2 MB RAM-DISK (3MB with Stacker), 2400bd internal modem, AC
powersupply/recharger, serial cable
all manuals (these are all standard things)
$150 Alone.
ZPC-17-31 external 1.44MB floppy drive/parallel port (standard IBM type)
$80 Alone

WORDPERFECT 5.0 on ROM CARD (drive "B") (1MB word processor that uses NO
UL disk space & runs at RAM speeds!)
$100 Alone

Two (2) battery packs (~1.5-2 hrs each), both fully functional and
holding full charges
$45 each Alone

Stacker 1.1
$20 Alone

PACKAGE Price: first $350 takes it all (& see below), SHIPPED insured.
Package includes ready-to-go setup disks & Lotus Agenda 2.x
(registered, all manuals & disks included).

I will ship with 2 floppies from which a working 3+MB system can be
created (1 disk containing the Stacker "disk" file, the other the files
for drive "C", creating a 3 MB disk system, with 1MB unstacked for speed
(all executables which don't compress more than 5% anyhow), and 1 MB
stacked for storage (WP directory, comm files, etc.). I'll leave on the
disks some great small comm software, editors, and the like, all
shareware, but superb for the UL. I will also throw in a fully
registered, transferrable copy of Lotus Agenda vers. 2 (last release),
with which I had the UL organizing my schedule, phone & address books,
appointments with students, their grades and projects, progress reports,
etc. All manuals, too.

This is the ultimate comm tool, word processor and personal organizer
I have come across for anything near the price. Unfortunately, my needs
have finally outstripped it, and I am running Fair Witness on a 16MB of
RAM portable Mac.... SIGH. Prices are negotiable within reason.

Michael B. Scher | (312) 324-0068
Law and Cultural Anthropology | mbscher@ellis.uchicago.edu

I'm a legal anthropologist. What's an illegal anthropologist?