The Time has come. (UL 2MB, WP50, Floppy, 4 sale)

michael brian scher ((no email))
Tue, 29 Mar 1994 22:04:09 -0600 (CST)

Well it's happened, and my portable computing needs have finally (though
only BARELY) slipped past the abilities of my trusty Ultralight. SO...

NEC Ultralight PC-17-02 FOR SALE
2 MB RAM, 2400bd internal modem, AC powersupply/recharger, serial cable
all manuals (these are all standard things)

ZPC-17-31 external 1.44MB floppy drive/parallel port (standard IBM type)
WORDPERFECT 5.0 on ROM CARD (drive "B")
Two (2) battery packs (~1.5-2 hrs each), both fully functional and
holding full charges
Stacker 1.1

Price: first $400 takes it all (& see below), SHIPPED insured.

I will ship with 2 floppies from which a working 3+MB system can be
created (1 disk containing the Stacker "disk" file, the other the files
for drive "C", creating a 3 MB disk system, with 1MB unstacked for speed
(all executables which don't compress more than 5% anyhow), and 1 MB
stacked for storage (WP directory, comm files, etc.). I'll leave on the
disks some great small comm software, editors, and the like, all
shareware, but superb for the UL. I will also throw in a fully
registered, transferrable copy of Lotus Agenda vers. 2 (last release),
with which I had the UL organizing my schedule, phone & address books,
appointments with students, their grades and projects, progress reports,
etc. All manuals, too.

This is the ultimate word processor personal organizer I have come
across. Unfortunately, my needs have finally outstripped it, and I am
running Fair Witness on a 16MB of RAM portable Mac.... SIGH.


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