NEC Ultralite PC-1702 for sale

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Mon, 28 Feb 94 10:01:52 -0800

Well, the time comes that I need to sell my Ultralite to buy a laser
printer. I assume if you read this mail list you are familiar with the
product, but here are some details:

* NEC Ultralite model PC VT-1702. Standard configuration includes 2 meg
* 2400 baud modem
* External Floppy Drive, with cable
* power brick
* Two new batteries. One unused, the other gives one hours charge during a
simple rundown test.
* Null modem cable with 25-9 adapter for transferring data with LAPLINK
* Phone cable for modem use
* Original manuals

I have owned this machine for about one year. It has worked flawlessly. In
light of the fact that somebody parted out a similar, but broken machine
for $300, I have set a price of $250 obo.

Please e-mail ( for details.