Ultralite Auction Update! (2/19/94)

Eli Brian Goldberg ((no email))
Sat, 19 Feb 1994 13:11:45 -0500 (EST)

Here's what I've gotten in the mail so far; other folks sent E-mail
interested in the parts, but did not send a bid, or were outbid.

This Friday (2/25), I will sell everything to the highest bidder.


DISK DRIVE: $60 (already sold, unless the buyer changes his mind)
3 BATTERIES: $80 (rca@rle-vlsi.mit.edu)

SYSTEM UNIT (DEAD SCREEN): $75 (rca@rle-vlsi.mit.edu)
NEC CARRYING CASE: $20+shipping (mc@northshore.ecosoft.com)

JOYSTICK/MOUSE: No offer received yet; $20 minimum bid.
POWER BRICK: $25.10 (bjh@linc.att.com)


For now on, I will only be accepting bids that are at least $4 higher
than those already offered for my simplicity.

Keep those bids coming in!!!

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