Bidding for UL pieces!

Eli Brian Goldberg ((no email))
Tue, 15 Feb 1994 21:07:43 -0500 (EST)

Hi ---

I'd like to get offers for the following pieces of hardware, per my
previous post and a lot of individual mail messages. Whoever wants the
most and offers the most gets it [I'll think of ways to split it up]

I suspect I'm going to sell it and just get another laptop, or perhaps
the new Lindy Newton if it's an adequate piece of hardware and
reasonably priced.

* 3 almost never used of the new battery packs
* external disk drive/printer interface
* power brick
* Ultralite (2 megs) with shattered screen; also has one of the two
things from the screen connecting it to the computer {the small plastic
things} broken off, but it has virtually no effect on the machine,
except for one end of the machine being a millimeter higher than the
other when closed.
* Joystick/mouse thing-a-ma-jig [Logitech? I can check]
I set minimum bids of $80, $50, $35, $85, and $30, respectively, and
shipping is not included.


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