Wanted: Works in ROM card...

Michael Crestohl ((no email))
Tue, 1 Feb 1994 12:30:27 -0500

Here's a neat little UltraLite story. Recently my brother and I flew to Los
Angeles from Montreal on Air Canada. I have an aviation moving map pgm on my
UltraLite that I use to track the position of the plane as it travels. Of
course I need the waypoints from the flight plan, estimated speed and winds.
The flight attendant told me to see the Captain who invited me to visit the
flight deck once we were airborne. Once the non-stop flight reached cruising
altitude of 33,000 feet I was ushered by a flight attendant through the First
Class section to the flight deck and was cordially welcomed by both pilots.
I sat in the jump seat and they started showing me the Airbus 310's EFIS
(Electronic Flight Information System) control panels. EFIS consists mainly
of color computer displays with many different screens showing just about
anything imaginable that has to do with the aircraft, weather, navigation, etc.
After being suitably impressed with all this incredible (and expensive!)
technology, I whipped out my NEC UltraLite, brought up my moving map program,
took some data from their navigational screen and set speed, course, winds, etc
in my program. The pilots were both fascinated with this compact machine that
was essentially doing the same navigational functions as their expensive on-
board system. I showed them some of the software's capabilities and my
program actually had a few features that theirs didn't access as easily.

After surviving an earthquake and other interesting Southern California's
neat local customs for two weeks my brother and I returned to the cold
Northeast, only to be greeted at L.A. airport by the same Captain and invited
to fly up front for the non-stop flight back to Montreal.