Ultralite 17-02 for sale $400

James W. O'Toole Jr. (starnet!apple!alexandria.lcs.mit.edu!james)
Tue, 25 Jan 94 18:36:58 -0500

Asking price: $400 or high bid
Please reply to: <james@lcs.mit.edu>

Only a single unit is available for sale.

NEC Ultralite 17-02
with Microsoft Works on ROM card
includes Communications program
with 2 Megabyte RAM disk
with new NiMH battery
with AC adapter/charger unit
with standard internal NEC 2400 baud modem
with external serial cable for connection to PC/AT
with spare 1 Megabyte RAM disk
All components working as if new.
No scratches, no screen problems, etc.
Includes Laplink for PC/MSDOS for file exchange via serial
cable link to PC/AT.

Software installed:
Some editors, games, kermit, etc.

Location: Cambridge, Mass
Serious buyers who are local and merely want to verify the
quality of the equipment can do so.